ANT Clinical Practice Guideline Update / ALS Refresher

A course to refresh your knowledge on the ANT guidelines to ensure current ALS practitioners provide their patients with treatment based on latest evidence guidelines.

Study Time: 2 Days
CPD Points: 30
Language: English



Is this course for me?

Qualification: Current valid CCA/NDip/DipEMC qualification registered with HPCSA
Prerequisites: CCA/NDip/DipEMC

Provides up-to-date information and a refresher on the original CCA course. Ensures providers are confident in their practical capabilities, skills and knowledge needed in these areas. The course ensures that the provider is capable of managing emergencies based on the most recent CPG update.

Why choose this course?

  • Simplified evidence-based medicine
  • Certification
  • CPD (Clinical:Ethical= 28:2)
  • Accreditations
  • Enhance career development
  • Created, reviewed and taught by experienced teaching experts.
  • Putting on ECG Leads

The “Normal” 18 Lead ECG

  • Understanding the ECG (Features, Waves, Intervals)
  • Final Quiz with AIEM Accredited Certification
  • Study Wherever You Are
  • World class E-Learning Platform
  • Free smartphone app for learning on the go