First Aid in the Workplace / Primary Emergency Care

This is a course designed for any persons working in any type of workplace, whether this is an office job or construction site. The course covers traumatic injuries and medical emergencies.

Study Time: 3 day in-person
CPD Points: Coming Soon
Unit Standard: 120496


Is this course for me?

Members of the working environment who would like to learn how to treat life-threatening injuries and medical emergencies
Target: Corporate Workers, Construction Workers, Teachers, Admin Staff
Prerequisites: None

This is a course designed to help those that want to expand on their first aid knowledge to become more equipped in the event of an emergency. This course goes into advanced medical training that can help any member of the public perform techniques that will assist someone in need while waiting for medical professionals to arrive.


  • Flipper Chart
  • Learner Guide
  • Keyring pouch with CPR mouthpiece and gloves

Why Choose this course?

  • Learn how to save a life and manage life-threatening emergencies
  • Enhance your employability
  • SETA Accredited Certification

World Class Learning Experience

  • State of the art training facilities & equipment
  • Free Smartphone app for learning on the go
  • World class E-Learning Platform